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New Alcohol Service Permit Application Portal Coming May 1, 2018

OLCC is moving to a web-based application portal for Servers, Bartenders, anyone who serves alcohol by the glass or fills growlers, and the people who manage them.   As of May 1, 2018, all Alcohol Service Permit applications will be submitted through the portal, hosted on OLCC’s website, www.oregon.gov/olcc (new portal link will be available May 1st)

For more information on the new Alcohol Service Permit Portal see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Applicants are still required to take an in-person or online Alcohol Server Education course and must upload a proof of class document before taking the test through the portal.  There is no fee to take the test.

Once the applicant submits an application and pays the $28.65 application fees, they will automatically get their temporary permit.  After staff have reviewed their application, if it is approved, the applicant will get an email notification to print the five-year permit.

Below is a list of items that applicants must have ready in order to be prepared to submit an Alcohol Service Permit Application:

  •  Internet-capable computer or mobile device (Wi-Fi or internet connection)
  • Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Apple Safari must be downloaded (no kindle products)
  • Ability to take photos
  • Valid email address that you can access
  • Applicants will need to access this email in class to create an account and print a permit
  • State-issued Photo ID card, Driver License, or Passport
  • Credit, Debit, or Prepaid Credit Card with minimum $28.65 to pay for OLCC application fees
  • Social Security Number
  • If you don’t have a Social Security Number, please contact the OLCC during business hours after submitting your application.

No more bulk payments: In the new system, each individual must pay for his/her own application at the time of submittal.  In the past, employers have been able to submit bulk payments such as sending in one check for multiple employees.  Under the new system, if employers want to pay for their employees’ application fees, some other options to consider are: the employer inputting a corporate credit card for each individual application for payment, providing pre-paid debit cards, or offering a reimbursement to employees.

List on website for employers: OLCC is currently working on a way to show employers on our website who has a valid five-year permit and who has a temporary permit.  In the meantime, service permit holders will be able to log in to their account from the portal to view a copy of their alcohol service permit, download a copy, or even email a copy to their employer.

We are very excited about this program and eager to roll it out. As a reminder, this is for Alcohol Service Permits only, not for annual liquor licenses or special event licenses.