Face coverings, social distancing still required

Portland, OR — With Pac-12 football games kicking off this weekend, Oregon and Oregon State University fans are expected to congregate at Oregon Liquor Control Commission licensed establishments to watch the televised return of gridiron action. Even with the games on TV, bars and restaurants catering to fans of their favorite teams will still need to follow the social distancing requirements in the Phase I or Phase 2 Reopening Guidance, depending on the status of their location in the state.

Fans who know the rules of the game can help keep their fellow fans safe at their favorite team bar, game watch tavern, or supporter restaurant, while keeping that OLCC licensed establishment compliant with social distancing and face covering requirements

OLCC licensees can’t have “too many players on the field,” in fact they’re limited to a maximum of 100 people indoor or 250 people outdoor, not to exceed 250 indoor and outdoor; if the fan gathering spot is a smaller venue, then the capacity (both patrons and staff) is determined by square footage/occupancy ratio. Even if you’re rooting for the same team, you and your table need to be spaced six (6) feet apart from other tables and customers.

Even though fans will want to “huddle up,” social distancing requirements limit parties to 10 people or fewer. People in the same party seated at the same table do not have to be six (6) feet apart.  If there is shared seating OLCC licensees are not allowed to combine parties/guests who have not chosen to congregate together.

Just like any good game plan, fans patronizing bars and restaurants will also need to have a plan to watch games elsewhere after 10 PMeven if a game is still in progress.  All on-site consumption of food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages have to be wrapped up by 10 PM under Phase 1 and Phase 2 guidelines.

OLCC inspectors will be making their usual rounds this weekend and they don’t want to throw a “penalty flag” that could sideline your favorite establishment for the remainder of the season. Follow the OHA’s Statewide Mask, Face Shield and Face Covering Guidance, spread out from other fans, and when it’s closing time make sure you don’t have to call an “audible” – have a plan to finish watching the game somewhere else.

Keep your fellow fans safe, your fan gathering spot open, and enjoy the games.  Go State of Oregon! Rah, Rah, Sis, boom, bah!