ATP KnowledgeBlending own team with experts in law and regulation, security, insurance, medical, alcohol serving, bartending, and it’s management; we have created an innovative course that is easy to understand, practical, yet comprehensive. It is accepted in all of the United States as a leader in alcohol server training. Networking with your peers and industry leaders will keep you up to date on this ever-changing and challenging industry. We provide you the opportunity to stay current on technology, products and employment trends. Current issues and law regulations are extensively covered in our courses to help you improve and retain your knowledge thus furthering your career in the hospitality industry.

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Getting your alcohol permit is a very important (and necessary) part of serving, selling and mixing alcohol.

There are many ways to do this, and in this day and age, the most convenient, efficient, and inexpensive way will be the most popular way to get your permit to serve alcohol. Everyone here at ATP is from your industry – bartenders, nightclub owners, experienced wine connoisseurs, cafe servers, pizza parlor managers…the list is nearly endless. Taking your alcohol course doesn’t have to be a drag! It’s hip to be knowledgable about the liquor laws that you deal with every day! It’s good to know you are doing the right thing and knowing the newest techniques! It’s also good to know you are up to date on all the ever-changing liquor laws. You are in the right place because we do all that and more in your alcohol server class. You’re going to learn a lot, and have a great time doing it. Even better, we are just an email away from helping you!