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Why is my drink so expensive?

Do you ever wonder why your favorite alcoholic beverage is so expensive?  Below is some information from the CDC last year.  This is what every single alcoholic beverage cost every single drinking and non-drinking person in 2006.

ExcessiveATP Knowledge alcohol use cost for the State of Washington in 2006: $5,319,100,000

Cost Per Drink:  $2.13

Cost Per Person:  $832


Excessive alcohol use cost for the State of Oregon in 2006: $2,864,800,000

Cost Per Drink:  $1.75

Cost Per Person:  $774

(Source:  CDC 03/2015)

The Alcohol Server Permit Course


You’ve come to the right place!  Trusted by over 100,000 alcohol servers since 1999 to receive their permit to serve confidently and legally.

Get started by choosing the way you’d like to complete your course and test and please let us know if you have any questions.  You can complete your course online with our state-certified courses.  You’ve made the right choice with the trusted Alcohol Server Education state-certified Provider, The Academy of Training and Prevention.

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This training company was created day by day at various Starbucks cafe’s in and around Portland years ago.  Now, like coming full circle, we are proud to be their exclusive trainers as they open their stores offering alcohol in the northwest.


Becoming exclusive trainers for employers provides solid and consistent policies to follow that help protect them, the employees and the community as well.   The business learns to work as a team with their staff members which creates a smooth running operation.  Real-life case studies are used in training so everyone will be trained to handle situations before the incident happens, professionally and legally.  The quality of training demonstrates results that can boost confidence in employees, increase morale and thus increase profit through happy and safe customers.    Contact us today so we can start helping your business too.

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